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I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Elaine Rusk and I am the owner of Creative Works International. As well as living in America, I also live on the other side of the planet on the island of Bali. Upon my first visit to Bali, I instantly fell in love with the friendly Balinese people, their wonderful and unique culture, and the incredible creativity of the Balinese artisans! I work directly with local village artisans to have beautiful handcrafted treasures made and I bring them back to America to share with you.
When I am in Bali I live with a wonderful Balinese family in their family compound. In Bali, extended families live together in family compounds with all generations included. When this picture was taken eleven family members were away at school or work.
There have been two recent additions to my Balinese family. I was very honored when in September 2004 one of the newest additions to the family was named after me. This is my Balinese granddaughter Elaine.
Bali is a small tropical volcanic island in the archipelago, which consists of 17,508 islands that make up Indonesia. The island is known as "the island of the gods". Bali is a hot and humid island covered with thick tropical jungles and beautiful terraced rice paddies.
Bali is an incredibly spiritual location. The majority of Balinese are Hindu. Religion in Bali is interwoven in almost all aspects of daily life. There are numerous temples located throughout the island and religious ceremonies take place constantly. It is routine to see beautiful processions of village members proceeding to local village temples to participate in religious celebrations.
One of the greatest assets in Bali is the incredible creativity of the many artisans. Individual villages specialize in different media forms of art. All of our items are hand made by local village artists. I hope you enjoy them!

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